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alkaline water benefitsNot All Water Is Created Equal

As an resident of Austin, TX you know that the tap water in the area is not that great.  In fact, tests have alkaline water austinshown there to be levels of lead and other contaminates in the water of Travis County!

KXAN did an article on this subject in January of 2016.
You can view the article here.

There are many ways in which to purify water and make it healthier today.  From gravity filters to reverse osmosis systems, but they lack in one area;  they don’t add a beneficial part to your drinking water experience.

Alkaline Water Austin specializes in a home system that will produce unlimited amounts of alkaline water for your family that carries with it numerous benefits.

Alkaline water helps to keep your cells healthy and allows you to get the most from your body.  By providing oxygenation to your blood, alkaline water can vastly improve your quality of life.

The Two Body Types:  Acidic -VS- Alkaline

Our bodies are constantly in a battle between levels of acidity and alkaline.  For instance, in a body that is higher in acidity, your health deteriorates and you feel like you have less energy.  In addition an acidic body is prone to attracting more diseases such as cancer, diabetes and so on.  This happens because these diseasesalkaline water health thrive on a system that lacks proper oxygenation in the blood.  Case in point: smokers suffer greatly from the chances of developing lung cancer because they are filling their bodies with carcinogens that promote a body system lacking in oxygen.

In an alkaline body however, the body is oxygenated efficiently and where oxygen exists disease cannot survive.  This is not new science.  This has been known for many years by doctors and health officials alike.  many people who have opted in to oxygenating their systems have over come and even reversed the effects of common and harmful diseases.

Imagine being able to feel better again.  Having more energy to do the things you want.  Living the highest quality of life you can.  These are all possible by adding alkaline water to your daily diet.

alkaline water benefitsA key to avoiding disease and achieving vibrant health is Alkaline Water Austin

austin alkaline waterWe are constantly reminded of many of the factors that are associated with illness and disease with these factors ranging from risks associated to chemical exposure to cigarette smoking and too much sugar in our diet or a lack of sunshine or obesity.

Of all these factors our acid alkaline balance is possibly the most influential of all. And when it comes to the matter of diagnosis, it seems that the more serious the problem then it is highly likely the body tissues will be more acidic. If your body is constantly battling against poor dietary choices and lifestyle it will become more acidic and with this becomes the breeding ground for disease the two go hand in hand.

It goes without saying, that any therapy used in the treatment of chronic or degenerative illness will be compromised to some degree if the body tissues are acid, this is even more important when dealing with the chronic, degenerative and terminal conditions.

The term we use is acidosis and describes the body when the pH of body tissues and/or the blood has become too acidic. This condition known as acidosis could be part of many differing diagnosis it could be called arthritis, headaches, heart disease, blood sugar imbalances and even the condition cancer, that is ravaging our modern society at an alarming level.

And please note, when we talk about acidic it is NOT in reference to the stomach or stomach acidity but refers to the overall level of acidity in the cellular matrix this includes the acidity of cells themselves and also the spaces between our cells. Acidosis an acid cellular matrix drains us of energy and prevents stored energy from being used while resulting in a lack of available oxygen.

The body is truly amazing

The human body is really quite amazing when we consider all of the things that are happening and continue to happen simultaneously and continuously without us having to do anything specific. From the beating of the heart and the upregulating and downregulating actions of hormones throughout the body, things are kept at balance or homeostasis with relative ease.

We have different types of secretions and fluids all having their own pH values that must be maintained in often very tight parameters. If the body pH of the blood were to drop, even just become slightly acidic, coma and death would quickly be the result. If the concentration of the blood goes the other way too far and we become too alkaline, convulsions would occur and the heart would stop beating.

alkaline water ph levelMaintain a Healthy PH Balance

Studies show that metabolic acidosis is associated with many degenerative diseases, can accelerate aging, and cause weight gain.


  • Healthy part of weight loss
  • Keeping you fuller longer
  • Speeds Mineral Absorption

weight lossA Healthy Part of Weight Loss

A recent study on alkaline water reports that people who drank alkaline water lost an average of 12 lbs. over 2 months.


  • Maintain your metabolism
  • Reduce your appetite
  • Support healthy probiotics
  • Promote healthy weight loss

natural detoxification

Natural Detoxification

Alkaline water has been shown by clinical research to help the body expel 10 heavy metals.


  • Protect against mercury
  • Help excrete toxins
  • Optimizes detox regimens

alkaline water hydration

Powerful Hydration

Ionized alkaline water hydrates better than plain water, and helps supply the body with essential minerals.


  • Proper hydration (may protect against heart attack and stroke)
  • Cells hydrate quickly
  • Improve athletic hydration and recovery

Most beverages of our daily life are Oxidants

Every sip that you take from your coffee or soft drink is jeopardizing your health and speeding up the aging process. Therefore scientists use a method of measuring antioxidants in liquids through the Oxidation Reduction Potential.

A few samples of beverages (including Oxidation Reduction Potential) so you know what our body is absorbing:

alkaline water is healthier

How To Make Alkaline Water

So after reading all this you are asking, “How do I make alkaline water?”  We’re glad you asked!  We offer home alkaline water machinewater filtration machines that will do that for you.  Similar to a reverse osmosis machine that mounts under your sink, our water machine will convert your home’s tap water in to alkaline rich water that you can start reaping the benefits of immediately after the install.

The machine itself is able to produce a filtered water that will make you feel better while bringing your body up to a more alkaline state.

Upon activating the machine, water is pushed through 8 Super- large titanium – platinum coated plates and dual filters 4 stages (PP cotton, KDF, Active carbon, fiber carbon) to purify and convert the water to alkaline water.  Finally the water is passed through a U.V. light to kill off any harmful bacteria that may remain producing for you, clean, pure alkaline water with a much higher pH level.

alkaline water benefits


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