About Us

Welcome to our site! Thank you for visiting. This site was really built with you in mind and we hope you will find it useful.  Alkaline Water Austin provides the very best alkaline water treatment systems available today.  We strive to help you to enjoy the very best quality of life by converting your home tap water to an ionized alkaline water which will raise the pH level in your water and your body once ingested.

Alkaline water has long been known to improve health and quality of life.  With your body in an alkaline state, you are less susceptible to diseases like cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening conditions.

It came from my own story.  I had diabetes for many years.  I was on all kinds of medications from my doctor to help keep it in check.  After reading about alkaline water, I decided to do a test on myself and see if any of it was true.  Within six months, I went back to my doctor and gave him back the meds he has prescribed to me.  We ran tests and it was determined that i no longer had diabetes.

By drinking alkaline water, following a proper diet and doing moderate exercise, I was able to beat the system and save a ton of money on medications that simply made my condition bearable.

We hope that you will give our alkaline water system a chance to improve your life as well.




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