Alkaline Water and Cancer

Drinking alkaline water is a supplemental cancer treatment and should not be used as the primary cancer treatment. This treatment is generally combined, and is part of, a complete protocol and is used to help stop the spreading of cancer to give other treatments more time to work.

How It Works

Alkaline water has a high redox potential (i.e. it is a good antioxidant because its ORP value is very negative), and it has smaller clusters of water molecules than normal drinking water. These help inhibit the spread of cancer and aid in killing cancer cells, directly or indirectly. However, as we stated earlier, there is not enough evidence to say that this should be a sole treatment plan.

Ionized Alkaline Water

Ionized water works on cancer in three ways. It is a good antioxidant, meaning it has a very negative ORP value (Oxidation Reduction Potential), it neutralizes free radicals (i.e. ROS – Reactive Oxygen Species), making many oxygen molecules available to the cancer cells which can slow the growth of cancer or to kill the cancer cells. This is done with the hydroxyl ions in the ionized water.

Unlike hydrogen peroxide, which adds oxygen molecules to the body, ionized alkaline water makes existing oxygen molecules, already in the body, available to the cancer cells by giving them electrons. This actually has advantages because it eliminates damaging free radicals at the same time.

Cancer cells cannot thrive in an alkaline oxygen-rich environment:

Dr. Keiichi Morishita wrote a book, The Hidden Truth of Cancer, in that book he states that if the blood develops a more acidic condition, then these excess acidic wastes have to be deposited somewhere in the body. If this unhealthy process continues year after year, these areas steadily increase in acidity, and their cells begin to die.

Other cells in the affected area may survive by becoming abnormal; these are called malignant. A malignant cell does not respond to brain commands. They undergo a cellular division that is out of control. This is called cancer.

Modern medicine in America treats these malignant cells as if they were bacteria or viruses. It uses chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery to treat cancer. Yet none of these treatments will help very much, if after all of that, the acidic environment remains.

Drinking water that has a high alkaline pH, because of its de-acidifying effect, will help in preventing cancer by bring your body to a more alkaline state.

In Asia, alkaline water is regularly served to patients, and is considered a regular part of treatment.

Water molecules in our body do not individually float around, they exist in clusters of water molecules. Ionized water clusters are significantly smaller than normal water cluster. A water cluster generally consists of about a dozen water molecules. Because the cluster is so big, the water clusters cannot penetrate many places in your body. By making clusters half that size, in terms of the number of water molecules per cluster, the clusters can penetrate into more places in the body. The shape of ionized water clusters also helps them get into places regular water cannot go. This is known as making “wetter water.”

In addition, ionized water removes toxic waste products from the body. In fact there are many other benefits to drinking ionized alkaline water, most of which have nothing to do with cancer.

You should take sea salt (1/4 teaspoon per quart) with ionized water. Also, make sure you take a good mineral supplement, preferably one with trace elements. A good calcium supplement will also help make your body alkaline. Quit drinking soda (whether diet or not) and refined sugar (these are very acidic and offset the alkalinity of the ionized water). You should drink between 1 gallon and 2 gallons of ionized water a day.

If you might have cancer because of your intake of trans fatty acids (e.g. margarine, etc.), then you need to do some special things to make sure the oxygen clusters are absorbed into the cancer cells. Even though the ionized water molecule clusters are smaller than normal water molecule clusters, it still helps to make the cells more able to absorb large molecules. This means you must absolutely stay away from trans fatty acids, hydrogenated oils, and so on.

A few other antioxidants that could be combined with ionized water are: vitamins C and E, the minerals zinc and selenium, and the natural substances Lycopene (or add tomatoes to your vegetable juice), CoEnzyme-Q10, N-Acetyl Cysteine, and the minerals manganese, copper and zinc (copper:zinc in 1:15 ratio).

Another technique is adding a gallon of ionized alkaline water to your bath water.  This aids greatly in your body being able to absorb the oxygen rich alkaline water and will aid in a better well-being.

As presented here, alkaline water can help in eliminating cancer cells from your body, but it must be accompanied by a healthy diet and avoiding things like acidic foods.  A simple exercise regiment would also aid in maintaining your health.

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