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alkaline water benefits
Meet the Alkaline Water System Ionizer

  1. With Automotive paint technology, an imported acrylic touch panel, and a modern/elegant yet home alkaline water machinesimple-type appearance. This Ionizer is Top of the line!
  2. Using an Advanced touch control panel technology, the system uses E-valve to control the water source.
  3. Includes a Super large 3.8-inch LCD colorful screen, the LCD Displays ORP ,pH ,flow rate , temperature and process of the water.
  4. The Microcomputer automatic control system for the electrolysis makes the water TDS from 50 to 1500PPM.
  5. The Intelligent voice system can be changed to several languages.
  6. This Ionizer has 8 Super- large titanium – platinum coated plates (Total surface area is more than  1600cm2) which increases usage life. System also has self-cleaning function.
  7. pH Levels are from 2.5 to 11.2 and ORP level from 550mv to -850mv.
  8. There is mineral port at the top of the system to add minerals as needed.
  9. Uses high-power SMPS power supply, the voltage is from 110V to 240V universal and is very safe and reliable. The system also has a built-in overheating radiator and continuous work function.
  10. Has Built-in dual filters 4 stages (PP cotton, KDF, Active carbon, fiber carbon).
  11. Built-in heating system, hot water temperature from 95ºF to 136.4 ºF ensures the feature of hot alkaline water without damaging your ionizer.

When it comes to alkaline water systems for your home, Alkaline Water Austin has the top of the line solutions for you.

Introducing the 9 Plate Alkaline Water System Ionizer

System Specs:

  • Under Counter Type  – Available
  • Dimensions (in.)  – 13.75 X 13.75 X 6
  • Net Weight/Gross Weight  – 12 lbs | 16 lbs
  • Water Temperature (°F)  – 41°F ~ 95°F
  • Max Water Pressure (PSI)  – 142 psi
  • pH Range  – 3.0 ~ 11.5
  • Filter Type  – Dual Filter Type
  • Filter Lifetime  – 1057 ~ 2113 Gallons
  • Max Water Flow (gpm)  – .26 ~ 1.06
  • Display Type  – Big 7 Color LCD screen
  • Display PH Values  – Alkaline : 4 stages, Acidic : 4 stages, Clean water
  • Washing  – Automatic Cleaning
  • Power  – AC 100V ~ 240, 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Case Material  – ABS
  • Chamber Material  – Platium coating titanium
  • Electrodes  – 9
  • Power Consumption  – 200VA
  • U.V. Lamp  – Included

alkaline water benefitsNow is the time to upgrade or purchase your own Alkaline Water System!


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alkaline water benefits


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