Benefits of Alkaline Water

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alkaline water benefitsWhat are the Benefits of Alkaline Water and What Can It Do For You?

Alkaline water has acid-fighting alkalinity – it’s a beneficial antioxidant and has the ability to neutralize acidity in your body.  That’s just the beginning!

When your body is in a state of acidity it can be harmful to your health.  Some research suggests that it can deplete calcium from bones and cause damage to DNA.  Each person is different, of course with their individual personal health, but alkaline water can make a difference you can feel.

Unlike plain water, which doesn’t neutralize acidity or have antioxidant potential, alkaline water delivers the beneficial alkalinity from calcium, magnesium and potassium which appear as mineral hydrates.

Hydrates in minerals are minerals that combine with hydroxyl ion antioxidants.  Your tap water also has alkaline minerals, however not in a hydrate form.  They are in a bicarbonate form – dissolved CO2.

Water ionizers, like our alkaline water systems, remove acidic carbonate from the water in order for you to gain the benefits from the alkaline minerals.

Yeah,  Yeah But What Can Ionized Alkaline Water Do for Me?

We’re glad you asked.  The benefits are numerous and the effects are fantastic!  Let us explain.

For starters, alkaline water will benefit you in the following ways:benefits of alkaline water

  • Helps eliminate Kidney Stones
  • Eliminate and reduce Arthritis, Gout & Osteoporosis
  • Reduce High Blood Pressure
  • Cancer (Rich with Antioxidants)
  • Stroke, Heart Attack & Inflammation
  • Adds more mineral supply to our bodies
  • Reduces stress towards our discharge system (kidneys, liver & colon)

That’s just the beginning.

Alkaline Ionization

  • Gives you Energy – electrolyte/oxygen.
  • Washes the acidic wastes from the body.
  • Helps digestion and digestive problems.
  • Hydrates your body 3 times more effectively than conventional water and bottled water.
  • Nutrients are absorbed efficiently into the body.
  • Foods cooked with Ionized water taste better, their nutrients are absorbed better by the body.
  • Powders such as flour are mixed more thoroughly and smoothly
  • Ionized water boils faster and cools down faster.
  • Promotes regularity with constipation.
  • Promotes healthier skin and complexion.
  • Promotes overall health and healing by bringing the body into balance.
  • Healthy cells live in an Alkalized environment.
  • Helps with diabetes.
  • It is also good for Animals as well as Humans.

Acid Ionization

  • Helps to resolve aerobic bacterial problems.
  • Helps to heal cuts, blisters, scrapes, or rashes.
  • Provides excellent relief from MOSQUITO BITES or BEE STINGS.
  • Provides excellent relief from POISON IVY & POISON OAK.
  • Your hair feels great after rinsing with it.
  • Very good for Skin and complexion.
  • Relieves chapped hands & dry, itchy skin.
  • Effectively removes plaque from teeth.
  • Wash vegetables, fruits, meats and fish with it to remove bacteria.
  • Gargle with it to relieve sore throats or other mouth sores.
  • Works as an astringent to pull skin tighter.
  • Helps in the treatment of acne and eczema.
  • Very good in the treatment for fungus such as athletes foot.
  • Promotes plant growth and their general health.
  • Extends the life of cut flowers.

alkaline water benefitsFurther Benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water


drink after exercising as alkaline water replenishes the electrolyte balance 3 times more than other waters because of its smaller water cluster it is more easily absorbed and recuperation is faster. It also helps with fatigue problems because of this. Sleep is helped if you drink a glass a half hour before bedtime.


Rice absorbs the water more easily enhancing the natural taste. Foods cook quicker because of the smaller water molecules in alkalized water.


Alkaline water also adds flavor and brings out the best in beverages. Beverages taste smoother they don’t have that acidic taste/tang. Tide marks on cups take longer to establish themselves and are easy to clean


Wash vegetables with alkaline water and get the maximum tastes and flavors from them in salads etc. The bitter tastes that can sometimes be experienced are taken away when washing / rinsing with alkaline water.

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Other Benefits of Alkaline Water

drinking alkaline water while exercising


Alkaline water replenishes the electrolyte balance in your body 3 times more than other waters because of it smaller cluster of water molecules.


cooking with alkaline water


Rice absorbs the water more easily enhancing the natural taste.  Foods cook quicker because of the smaller water molecules in alkalized water.


making coffee or tea with alkaline water

Alkaline water adds flavor and brings out the best in beverages.  Beverages taste smoother and do not have that acidic taste or tang you get from regular water.



The Alkaline Water Myth

Is alkaline water the be all end all for everything in your life?  Does it have magic in it?  If you drink it all the time every day by the gallon will you become Superman?  Of course not!  Like everything in life, you have to utilize the benefits of alkaline water in moderation.  Above we mentioned the various benefits of using alkaline water in your daily life.

What we can say is that it will improve your quality of life when used properly.  It can alleviate or even reverse some degenerative diseases making your body healthier overall.

We don’t buy in to the fear mongering by those (usually paid by the big pharma corporations) that say you should never drink alkaline water, or it won’t benefit you, it’s snake oil.  The proof is in the water!

Many have used alkaline water to supplement their lives and improve their overall health.

alkaline water benefits


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